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Mass. Brew Bros Are Blogging About American Craft Brands!

May 2019

By: Tom Webber

Mass. Brew Bros are blogging about how American Craft Brands (ACB) is creating new paths to market, new technology platforms designed for craft beer and new strategies for selling and delivering product throughout the U.S.

In this informative piece, they highlight how ACB is providing a digital online marketplace that works within the existing three tier system to help brewers, distributors and retailers expand into new markets while allowing breweries and retailers to manage their accounts just as they always have.

Read what some of our early customers are saying about the industry as well as ACB's partnership with Milserv ACD Corp., a majority-veteran owned benefit corporation that will deliver for self-distributing breweries throughout the state.

Dude! Where's My Keg?

April 2019

By: Danny Connelly

I was recently talking to a brewer at a guild event explaining how our software platform works and we started discussing kegs. He said 6 months ago they had 64 and now they were down to 16. They had somehow lost track of 48 kegs worth close to $5000! 

Distributors Need to Change

June 2018

By: Jeff Slater

Traditional beer distributors find themselves at a crossroads. As brewers proliferate and inventories of beer build, consumers become ever more promiscuous. The result is that brewers find ways to go-to-market without distributors using new technologies that promise to dramatically change how sales and distribution happen. Distributors are realizing that this is not like the ‘old days’.

Press Release

April 2018

By: Greenough
A new online platform,, is a first-of-its-kind secure marketplace for commerce between craft makers (brewers, distillers and vintners), retailers and independent distributors. The regulatory-compliant business-to-business (B2B) marketplace changes the historic three-tiered distribution model by reducing barriers while creating new and better growth paths for craft makers. It provides a dynamic, trusted, and level playing field not just for these artisan makers, but for all parties.

A real Win-Win-Win

April 2018

By: Jeff Slater
New brewers are popping up all across the country and recent data from the Brewer’s Association suggests that the movement to craft beer is alive and well. But the burning question still remains: how do new brewers survive and thrive after the startup honeymoon is over? New paths to market, new technology platforms designed for craft beer, and new strategies for selling and delivering product may just be the answer.

Retailer Demo Video

April 2018

By: Danny Connelly

In our first video, we wanted to show craft beer retailers a new, more efficient way for them to order the brands they want. Our software platform is easy to use and provides the licensed retail account with the ability to control the order placement and select from several delivery options, giving them better control over their inventory. We chose a great team from wizMotions to create a whiteboard animation to tell the story.  Hope you enjoy the first of a series of videos we will place on our site. Cheers!

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